Sneak a Wank at Work Wednesday!

I just LOVE knowing you freaks are sneaking around!
Whether it be sneaking from wifey, sneaking at work..sneaking anywhere!
So Ive decided from now on, wednesdays are going to be called ‘sneak a wank at work wednesday’
Isnt that just perfect!
Almost as perfect as myself…

Ok this is how it works.
I will be on webcam every wednesday, from 10am UK time, throughout the day.
Firstly youll need to find Me on cam, either at Adultwork or Webstream. Links to both can be found HERE
(or call me if you would rather by phone HERE )
Explain to me that youre here for the wednesday game, and your instructions will begin.

Youll be instructed to go to the nearest bathroom, empty office…etc, get on your knees, and Ill guide you through your dirty sneaky little wank!

Isnt that FUN!

Oh and thats not all…you have to try to last as long as possible, because there will be a competition.

Every wednesday the person who lasted the longest wins a special prize….

what are you waiting for….go be a dirty sneaky bathroom pervert!