Femdom Erotica…

We know you boys don’t all crave the same pain thats why we four Cruel Beauties have come together to give you the most erotically charged Femdom Experience of Your life. We know that whoever you are at least one of us will touch your deepest most secret core and make that cock ache for submission….. […]

Leather n Whips

This is My favourite photo set ever! I just found it in My files, and had to send it out again so those of you that missed it the first time have a chance to sample these delights! I think youll all agree that the combination of My perfect body, and the long boots…holding a […]

Puppy Classes!

Pups all over the world can now enrol in Goddess Greeds puppy classes! New puppy recruits will spend one week learning how to be a good pup for Goddess..with lessons, tasks etc, either written, video or webcam…. If you dont fuck up, and succeed in impressing Goddess with your new puppy skills, you will be […]

Loser Addiction

Day 1 of loser addiction. The rules…you pay this mail. Thats it. You send ME your cash for no reason whatsoever. No photos, no clips, no nothing! And you send it daily…because, you wont be able to help yourself…. Then you stroke your cock, knowing what an easy loser you are! Youre so fucking easy! […]

Mud Glorious Mud

Freaks and their fetishes: you name it and there will be some pathetic worm somewhere jerking himself off crazily over the head of it.  But what amuses me sometimes is when I awaken a fetish in a freak that he didn’t even know he had.  Take loser richard (or poor-ard as he quickly became after […]


The dictionary suggests Blackmail is taking something from someone against their will by threatening them in some way.  Yet I have dozens of freaks who come crawling to me begging me to blackmail them.  They beg me to take their personal details –  and much to amusement they even pay for the privilege of divulging […]