7 day chastity challenge

Depending on where you bought the challenge, you must first either email Me on NF or at goddessgreed@aol.com (if not NF you must tell me where you bought the challenge) and tell me an email address youd like to use for the members area so I can set up your account.

You will then get entry to the members area for 8 days to so you are able to use the clips and photos for your challenge.

Follow all the instructions on the correct days.

If you fail and allow yourself to orgasm you have to pay a fine, depending on what day you fail.

Day 1 – $100

Day 2 – $80

Day 3 – $60

Day 4 – $40

Day 5 – $20

Day 6 – $10

You may use a chastity device, or better still, no cage, and edging is allowed, and encouraged!

If you complete the challenge you may orgasm on day 7.

The daily instructions are there to tease you into failing early! I want you to fail so I get more CASH!

you may also message Me on NF chat so I can tease you a little more …


Day 1

you will watch ‘slave training part 1, mindless slave’.

You will watch it over and over as many times as possible, and you may also chose 1 photo set to look at… you may stroke, and edge….but try not to orgasm, theres a good boy!

Just to make it easier for you to pay your fine, Im kindly giving you FAILURE FINE payment buttons too!




Day 2 

Its getting difficult isnt it…. you usually masturbate daily, and youre so horny!

So, you will watch slave training parts 2 and 3. over and over….

Stroke, edge… listen to my words penetrating your brain….and feel free to orgasm, if you want to pay the fine!



Day 3

today you will watch slave training part 4, and you may also chose 1 more clip to watch, and 1 photoset.

You want to cum so badly, youre not sure how much longer you can last….


Maybe you should cum today…the fines not that big now huh… $60 and you can explode everywhere!

You want to dont you…you need to… imagine how good itd feel….but you cant, you shouldnt……oh go on…. hahaha

Day 4

You will watch financial masturbation clip.

Im pretty sure this clip allows you to cum….but you still get fined if you do! hahahaha

Watch it all day, all evening….stroke that penis real hard!

Day 5

The fine is a bit smaller now, maybe you should just release those horrible juices!

Watch ‘seamed nylons’ and see me teasing you, stoking My legs up and down….mmmmmm doesnt that feel good hahahaa

Day 6

So near yet so far…. today is the day I really need to get you to cum, as its My last chance to take your cash!

So you will chose 5 clips, and watch them all….and 3 photo sets….

Look at those balls so full….they really need to be emptied…. Stroke that cock for Goddess Greed….

Day 7

So, you made it?

Well done…… Today you get to chose your favourite clip, you get to edge throughout the clip, and you are allowed to cum at the very end!

Good boy!