Ive had many emails the last few weeks, asking why I havent been around much lately.
So, this will answer your questions.
Other things in my life have become much more important than you. ( hard to believe huh!)
Goddess Greed has been my life for over 14 years now, and I have come to a time when it needs to be put to the side a little, to give myself more time to concentrate on things in my life that I am passionate about.
As from next week, my website will be taken down, my twitter account deleted, everything will be gone, apart from my niteflirt account, which will be kept on with very expensive phone lines, and very occasional customer emails, and a separate twitter account for a small amount of lucky boys who will remain part of my life.
I am going to select around 5 boys, who will be permitted to serve me.
You will get my time once a week, and will be expected to pay a minimum amount.
You will have access to my twitter account which will have photos etc posted when i have time.
All you lurkers, and cheap chronic masturbating freaks will get NOTHING.
If you want to apply for the very special privilege of being one of the few that stay part of my life, you may email me at or message me on twitter before its deleted.

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