7 Day Chastity Challenge!

So Myself and a slave played this little game last week…

He lasted not even 2 days hahahah.

He had to pay a large FAILURE FINE!

Wanna play the chastity challenge?

Ok this lasts 7 days.

You have to try to go as long as possible without orgasm….while I try to tease you into orgasm as soon as possible, as the sooner you cum, the larger the FAILURE FINE!

Cum on day 1 you pay $100

day 2 $80

day 3 $60

day 4 $40

day 5 $20

day 6 $10

When you have paid this mail you get :

8 days free membership at My Members area, where you will find hundreds of clips and photos, some of which youll be using in the challenge.

also youll get a link to a page where youll find daily instructions, both written and audio.

You may also message Me in NF chat so I can tease you a little more!

You may either use a chastity cage, or you may stroke and edge…in fact stroking and edging is encouraged!

click the button below to play now!

Oh and good luck…or not!

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