Pay for Everything!

Ive decided that every Friday Im going to kindly give you all a chance to refund items I have purchased for Myself during the past week.

Next week I will make a point of taking photos…this week you will have to do without.

Say thank you Goddess.

So, here are some of the things I bought for Myself..

Dinner out with My husband 

Often I cook, as i love cooking, but this week we went out for dinner to our local Pub.

In case you’re wondering, as you stroke that little penis, yes My husband is a real man…unlike you.

Obviously he paid, but you’re going to refund us!


Lunch with a Girl friend

On Tuesday I had a quick lunch out with a female friend.

I offered to pay and told her Id get it refunded by a slave and she was intrigued.

We spent the rest of lunch laughing about YOU.


Weekly Groceries

Pay for Mine and my husbands weekly groceries.

We shouldn’t have to pay ourselves, thats what you’re for!

This doesn’t include food for my pups, that will be separate .


Dog Food

I have 3 dogs, they eat well.

In fact they deserve to eat better than you do.

They have raw meat, veg and fruit…and fresh fish for treats.

Get it paid for my pups!



Ive enjoyed 4 quick coffees out this week.

even though they only cost a small amount, Im not paying.

You are.

Cheap boys can pay for coffee…

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