I love looking through all the old journal entries, going back years…
I love to remember what an evil bitch Ive been over the years..how many thousands and thousands of your cash Ive taken so very easily.
I love the blackmail stories probably the best…reminiscing about things Ive done to fuck with the lives of idiots that thought they could escape.
Its all so terribly amusing…
But nothing, ever, has been so amusing as what happened with kuk…. I actually havent heard a thing from him since this…which was 2013….

This is the old journal entry with the story….

‘Im sure you all know how it feels to be obsessed.

Kuk certainly does. As one of My top slaves, kuk was expected to send his usual £5000 a couple of months ago, but he had a problem.

Wifey had found out about the bank loan he got for last years tribute. He had managed to quickly find an excuse and talk his way out of it, but this meant he had no way of providing the payment this year. He knew this wouldnt please Me, and was worried I wouldnt want to speak with him…so kuk went into obsessed panic mode!

It was all quite amusing to watch.

He had a plan. A plan that would only work in the mind of the obsessed, the desperate….and he was desperate.

Without going into boring detail, kuk planned to take 20k from his work place. He would then have maybe 2 months to replace it, before he was found out. He would replace it with money he got from his parents, who he was trying to persuade to sell their house and invest the money….with him! Hahahaha

Well, he got the money, and sent Me the 5k, then hit a huge hurdle.

The parents decided not to sell, leaving kuk broke, and needing to pay back thousands to his work quickly before they realised it had gone.

Firstly a high interest loan, that he could get without wifey finding out. That sorted half of the money owing.

Then the funniest part….kuk had to go to his parents, admit he had a money problem and needed to borrow from them….he told them he had an affair, and stupidly spent a lot of money on the Lady hahahaha.

His parents were mortified. I think kuk is no longer the favourite child.

The main thing is, I got what I wanted.

Kuk..well he got to continue speaking with his Goddess, not that hes around much these days, hes far too busy with his second job that he had to take, to earn enough to pay back the loan 🙂

All worked out just perfectly dont you think.

Hes a very lucky boy. So lucky to have learned what it is to really suffer for Me, to work hard just for Me.

Wouldnt you boys just love to suffer for Me too?

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