Financially Fucked By Goddess Greed

Last week I had arranged to meet up with Paul, he had been saving cash for quite some time in order to pay for the meet…
As far as he knew, it was costing him £2000, but I had other ideas….

When I arrived at the bar we’d arranged to meet at, Paul was already there, looking nervous.
As I looked over in his direction, I smiled, that knowing smile of Mine, that always makes him so weak, and he jumped up to buy Me a drink….
I could see him trying so hard not to stare at the tight skirt and heels I was wearing…. the seamed pantyhose, his favourite.
We went and sat down with My drink, and I immediately asked him to show Me his wallet, I wanted to see all those lovely bank notes, ready to be placed in My Greedy hand.
As he fumbled in his pocket, I was amused at how much he was shaking…. Paul looked as though he might run at any minute!
He soon produced his wallet and opened it to show me all the delicious notes inside, and I took it from him, with a wicked grin, and emptied out all the cash….then I noticed a credit card…
Oh Goddess, paul stuttered, as I ran My red painted finger nail over the card… Please Goddess not that…
I thought Paul might cry, as I took out the credit card and laughed…. ‘ I want the pin number loser’
‘ Goddess, I cant, really I cant’
‘ I want the pin number loser’ and i reached under the table and ran My finger up his leg…right to the top where I could feel his tiny penis was rock hard.
‘ You know Goddess always gets what she wants loser’
He stopped, and I stroked his leg a little more using his credit card… teasing his stiff cock…
‘ The rest loser?’
‘ 8 8’
‘hahaha Good boy’…
‘Goddess, please order yourself another drink while I go to the bathroom, I need to clean up’
As he stood up I noticed a smal wet patch in his pants…
Poor loser…..

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