Puppy Classes!

Pups all over the world can now enrol in Goddess Greeds puppy classes!

New puppy recruits will spend one week learning how to be a good pup for Goddess..with lessons, tasks etc, either written, video or webcam….

If you dont fuck up, and succeed in impressing Goddess with your new puppy skills, you will be rewarded.

  1. You get to call yourself Goddess Greeds pup, and will be given a special puppy name.
  2. You will be given a certificate you can proudly use as your laptop/phone screensaver.
  3. You have permission to buy yourself a collar and tag with your very own special puppy name engraved, which you will wear whenever you speak with Goddess
  4. Most importantly, youll be allowed to continue serving Me for as long as you are an obedient pup

Become aquainted with your very own puppy dog cage, by filling in the application form HERE!

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