New PTVs

Ive kindly added all the new PTVs here, in case you missed them on Niteflirt….

You can thank Me, by buying them ALL….

You can even buy them all several times.

Whatever you do, make sure you spend lots of lovely cash, on ME.

In case you didnt realise it yet, Im the new owner of your cash.

Its all Mine.

oh dont worry, Ill let you keep enough to live on…just.

Its only money after all….they say it cant buy happiness…..

But it can buy you the attention of Myself, something you’ll never ever get, unless your wallet is open, and you’re begging Me to take it all….

What a totally perfect thought…

Making these little games has become My new favourite pastime.

They make it so incredibly easy to seduce your cash from you….

and Im all for taking cash with as little effort as possible….. in fact, Im rather known for it….








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