The only games I play, are MY games.
Silly boys who think they can play games with ME, lose.
They will always lose.
Chris has been deleted from the forum….robert youll be next if you dont get done what I told you.
Now, I dont mind of lurkers lurk, I dont even mind if some lurkers join in the convo without tributing….but the moment you start to say things to make it sound as though youre going to pay, the moment you make yourself appear to be willing to be used by Me… follow through.
I will not listen to you for weeks banging on about how weak I make you, how you can feel that youre going to regret things, while you wank yourself silly… gets incredibly fucking boring.
I dont do boring freaks.
I dont do lies.
I dont do false promises.
I dont do freaks that think theyre clever.
Youre not clever.
Anyway…another week ahead, of using losers, controlling freaks, brainwashing good boys….
My blackmail PTV took over 900 in 3 days dollars.
I spent half hour making it, sent it out…..then I didnt lift a finger.
This is how it should be.
Goddess doesnt like hard work.
I like everything to come so very easily.
Today Im going to spend some time getting organised…
Im the most unorganised person ever.
I need to sort through photos on My laptop…organise My NF inbox….. sort clips….
Zzzzzz…..I need a PA… a slave PA…..
Then, I might make another PTV….

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