Credit Cards and Apple Pay

Credit cards and Apple pay

Ive had a credit card that belongs to slave james, for over a year now. It is in my name, on his account.
At first when he was serving regularly, he gave me a £1200 per month limit to use.
Now when he only serves occasionally ( for personal reasons of his) he has asked me to keep it still, but only use it when he has said its fine.
I will not abuse this ( apart from the odd £30 here n there) because we have built up trust….plus Goddess is not stupid. I know if I abuse it, he can put a stop on the card any time….Im always aware of what is best for ME.

Anyway, I love using the card, and messaging him to say Im using it! Taking photos of Myself holding it in My Greedy hand.

I also have use of losers credit card.
I dont have the actual card, but I have the number, and can use it online whenever I please ( within reason)
This is fine, but not as much fun as actually shopping with it in my hand.
Then I discovered apple pay.
I can enter the card details into my phone, and the phone turns into that card.
I can use my phone to pay in stores, and its amazing!
What is especially amazing is, I can add lots of slaves cards and use them all!
I intend on having as many on there as possible in the future…. the only problem will be which one to use!

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