New PTVs

Ive kindly added all the new PTVs here, in case you missed them on Niteflirt…. You can thank Me, by buying them ALL…. You can even buy them all several times. Whatever you do, make sure you spend lots of lovely cash, on ME. In case you didnt realise it yet, Im the new owner […]


The only games I play, are MY games. Silly boys who think they can play games with ME, lose. They will always lose. Chris has been deleted from the forum….robert youll be next if you dont get done what I told you.   Now, I dont mind of lurkers lurk, I dont even mind if […]


Good morning boys! After taking £250 from slaves first thing this morning, I then decided to make a Blackmail PTV game. Ive just finished making it, and sent it out to My NF customers, and its selling like mad already. I LOVE to see your cash coming in thick and fast! If any of you […]


I have opened a new forum, for those who currently serve ME, and those who wish to. I will post updates most days, and photo treats when I think you deserve them….and I encourage discussion between all you freaks! Go join HERE! If you wish to contact Me to beg to be My freak, you […]