Blackmail – The initiation

The Initiation

Dave was feeling particularly annoyed, he and his wife Kate had argued about who was the leading actress in the film “Femme Fatale”. He was adamant is was not Glenn Close as Kate thought, knowing full well she starred in “Fatal Attraction” though he couldn’t for the life of him remember who it was in “Femme Fatale”. Determined to prove he was right about it not being Glenn Close Dave turned to Google and quickly found it was Rebecca Romijn. Smugly thinking, “Yes I knew I was right”. Intrigued by thoughts of the femme fatale, the seductive woman who traps her lovers into dangerous situations, Dave continued playing around Google, trying different search words. Why, probably he was just a little bored with his life.

After a few minutes of random pages appearing he found a link to a Twitter account, Femme Fatale (@GoddessGreed), and by now curious what this was all about he clicked on the link and saw the alluring images of Goddess Greed. Still not quite knowing what to expect Dave scrolled down the page reading her tweets, thinking to himself this is really bizarre. Talk of slaves and training, financial domination and the like. Yes he was broad minded and felt himself to be a man of the world but really what was going on. Clearly she was trying to earn a living from parting men from their money. Yet, he couldn’t quite see the point to this, if a man wants sex he picks up a girl in a bar or pays a prostitute. Nevertheless Dave was fascinated by the idea, that someone could get caught up in this, as well as being just a little attracted to Goddess Greed.

Seeing a few links on the Twitter home page, he decided to follow these up. The first, proved unimpressive in his eyes. Yes some enticing videos but Dave was sure he wasn’t a slave, quite the opposite in fact always pretty assertive in his life and dominant in the bedroom. Down to the second link to At first glance expecting some erotic photos he was disappointed. Until that is, he started reading the welcome to her world. Now here were the themes of the femme fatale which had started him off in the first place. Curious about what she does in financial domination, Dave was keen to know exactly how Goddess Greed persuades men to give her money. Yes some more lovely photos but nothing to really suggest what it is all about. Disturbed by Kate’s footfall on the stairs, he quickly closed the browser and tried to dismiss the thoughts swirling around in his mind before turning his attention to her and calming his emotions for sleep.

Next morning Dave awoke as usual aroused but was surprised by the thoughts being of the seductive siren from the night before. “How did that happen?”, he mused but didn’t take it seriously and had soon dismissed the thoughts entirely, or so he hoped. Yet during the day his mind kept returning to the femme fatale. Work started to drag as he wished to be home to look at the websites again, to read more and perhaps even contact Goddess Greed, who knows it might be fun. Fortunately for him it was Kate’s book club night so he would have the whole evening to himself. Arriving home to an empty house Dave stuffed the takeaway down as quickly as possible so he could get back on the computer. In no time he found the page again and was struck by the word blackmail, it seemed to leap out of the page at him. Conjuring up all sorts of images of Russian honey traps and soon he was thinking of himself as a spy. How would he react if placed in such a position? Would he be able to resist? Why of course, Dave knew in his mind he could resist though he couldn’t stop toying with the thought of lying in bed with the beautiful temptress trying to manipulate him into some act of treason. Enjoyable as this was he soon snapped out of this reverie, obviously Goddess Greed has nothing to do with this so what is it she does.

Many links to visit and read, perhaps these will help to explain what Goddess Greed does. With a mixture of amusement, arousal and temptation he felt himself being draw into her world. Nevertheless how could anyone be so stupid as to let themselves be trapped. Anyway it must just be fantasy because she wouldn’t really use the information as she’d get no more money afterwards. Disappointed that all the other links went to outside sites like niteflirt and clips4sale Dave was on the point of quitting. Not quite ready to spend any money as he didn’t feel the need to watch the videos. Plus it would be disloyal, after all I do love my wife he thought. That said his interest was well and truly piqued. What on earth could Goddess Greed say to even begin to get me to give her money? All this speculation was too much, there is only one answer Dave thought. I’ll buy one and see what it is all about. After all “Blackmailed and Trapped” is only $12.99, what is that, nothing. Just the process of paying through clips4sale and downloading the file created a keen sense of anticipation. So that by the time Dave started to watch he was already aroused. Immediately he was struck by the presence of Goddess Greed in the video. He felt compelled to watch and listen carefully to all of her words. “My God” he thought, “what a gorgeous voice and silky smooth legs”. Her words beautifully spoken stuck in his mind. Although he didn’t expect it there was something about her manner which drew him in and aroused him still more. He found himself listening intently to her words and they seemed to carry far more weight than he thought they should. Even odder the ideas seemed to resonant in his mind. Soon he found himself kneeling and agreeing with Goddess Greed in his mind. Yes he was attracted to her voice, her eyes, her legs well in short her perfection. As the video ended he found himself shaking with the dread of being left out in the cold. Understanding that he needed to get in contact with Goddess Greed.

Still shaking he found an email address and wrote a short message, not very coherent as he wasn’t quite sure what to say. After all he had never been in this position before. Oh well he thought that will do perhaps that will get it out of my system. Soon afterwards he heard Kate shout “I’m back”. Relieved by the break in the tension he thought thank God for that and greeted her. The unease was still in his mind though when he went to bed but he reassured himself it will be gone by the morning and all will the same as it was before. Telling himself he would never watch the video again, he was annoyed with himself for not erasing it while the computer was still on. Despite this he couldn’t be bothered to switch it back on. Or was there something else restraining him, the thought perhaps he would view it again just to make sure he was right to avoid it?

Next morning he awoke with a massive erection, mind full of thoughts of Goddess Greed and a desperate need to have Her in his life. Bloody hell where did that come from was his initial reaction before remembering the video from the night before. “She’s dangerous” he thought, just one viewing has done this to me. Remarkably though rather than seeing this as a lesson to keep clear this very excitement reminded him of his thoughts of the femme fatale and persuaded him to continue to explore the fantasy of being blackmailed. No time at the present as he had to leave for work but no sooner had he arrived than the thought arose, “I wonder if Goddess Greed has replied”.

Dave logged on to see a reply, he stared at it for a few moments, heart racing and wondered why am I doing this. Yet the pull to open the email and see what was written was irresistible. Her reply was, to his mind, rather innocuous. No demands to fill out a form with personal information or attempts to use the language in the video. It was all about understanding his desires and how to be uncertain and confused was to be expected and thanking him for his favourable comments about the powerful nature of her video. All his concerns were allayed and he settled down to work but thoughts of Goddess Greed kept coming back to him. Some urge was telling him he needed to reply, just to find out what she would say, a simple curiosity. But what to say, he really didn’t know so he tried to be vague with a bit of flattery and simply talked about being tempted by such a perfect woman. Yet already he had a sense of unease that this would not be enough so added as a throwaway line that he worked for Virgin Media and might be able to get her a good deal on her broadband. No sooner than he had sent the reply than he saw a new email in his Inbox. Slowly but surely he felt himself being drawn into the web of Goddess Greed nevertheless he just felt so good exchanging emails that he didn’t really think about what he was saying or reading. Carelessly he didn’t realise that he had already given Goddess Greed his boss’s name from which she could easily get the phone number nor that as a joke he had agreed to being blackmailed.

As the chat was drawing to a close Goddess Greed casually asked if Dave would like to buy her a birthday present, giving a link to her wish list. Oddly he found himself getting aroused at this suggestion which only heightened after few moments reflection. “Why not” he said to himself “I’m sure there is some modest present I can buy” and sure enough he found some chocolates for £15.23. As he clicked to pay he was bemused by the pleasurable feelings he was feeling. Was there truth in what she had been saying? Did he really need to have Goddess Greed’s attention? All this was rather thrilling and he was enjoying the fun of playing along. Just as he was about to get back to work he saw another email above the confirmation of sending the gift. Circle pay, what was that about? Goddess Greed had requested £100, she must be joking. As he was about to delete the request his boss came up and asked what he had been telling customers about special broadband deals because he had just received a delightful phone call from a woman who mentioned him by name. Slowly it dawned on him it must have been Goddess Greed, flustered he concocted some story for his manager. Once Gwen had left him alone he returned to the Circle pay request and saw a message with it. “Lovely woman, Gwen” Feeling his heart race Dave panicked and had that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach when he realised he must have let something slip in his chat with Goddess Greed. Not seeing an immediate way out he set about sending Goddess Greed the money. Time enough later to think about the future, must be some way out of it, and yet deep within himself he felt this marvellous sense of peace and contentment, completely unbidden.


Written by loser worm….


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