Slave Training

Goddesstopia has changed, and is now a place where just Myself, trains and moulds boys just like you, into perfect slaves, toys, puppets…mind fucked fools!

Doesnt that sound just perfect boys!

ok heres the rules…have a read through, then go sign up!



When you first enter the forum, you become a ‘beginner’, your level and amount of points will be added by Myself to your signature, and will appear at the bottom of each of your posts.

Now your first task is to become involved!
You must firstly introduce yourself in the correct section. After this, feel free to open a new thread in the correct section, about anything you wish to discuss with Me and other members, and also keep check of all other posts, so you can reply if needed.

The more you post, the more points you will be awarded.

Each time you collect 5 points you receive a treat.

The treat may be a clip, a slideshow, an audio file, and will be part of your training.
You may also gain points by completing tasks, which will occasionally be set by Myself, in the ‘affirmations, tasks and instructions’ section. You must check this section regularly, as I will be posting a few times weekly.

When you reach 25 points, and have received 5 training treats, you will gain access to the temple, where there will be webcam sessions, photos etc.

I realise that some of you will be especially shy, and have trouble posting here for everyone to see.
For those shy boys, training clips will be available to buy on Niteflirt, enabling you to follow quietly from afar.
But boys, actual interaction in the forum with your Goddess , will be MUCH more fun!

The Temple

The temple area of the website is password protected.
You may only access the temple when you have shown to be involved in the forum, writing an introduction, and posting regularly.
Starting from next week, I will be on webcam weekly, for a small amount of time. You will only be able to view if you have access to the temple.
In order to not miss out on the webcam, training clips, photos, assignments etc, which will include many different fetishes, make sure you contribute to the forum.


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