Goddess is excited!

A new Religion has begun…a religion that will travel WORLDWIDE…taking over….turning men in power, men like YOU, into disciples…followers…. here just to serve.

The following writing has been sent to me by ‘first disciple’

He had a dream…..that dream is going to change YOUR life!


“A few nights ago I had an incredible dream. I woke up laughing to myself because in it, I had inadvertently created a new religion. A religion that was so ludicrous and farfetched, I could only laugh at myself.

Then something strange happened, whilst thinking about it, I realised that if this religion was to become a reality, it could actually save the World from the mess it has become. Or to be specific, the mess humans have created. Or to be even more specific, the mess men have created.

Before I get into why the World needs my newly created religion, I will explain the dream and what it was all about.

When God created the World, and nope, God wasn’t a white bearded man I’m afraid, it was a “thing”, God divided its power equally between the females of the planet. God realised that true power was compassion, intelligence, class, elegance, organisational skills, the strength that comes with child bearing and of course, the feminine touch. In order for women to create, diversify and evolve with total efficiency, God created man, a being that held less value in every sense than the woman, but he was given physical strength to make up for it. He would need this strength as man would be servant for woman. Any physical or lowly jobs would be completed by man, whilst women ran the world, the brawn to the females brain. However, during the evolution, something went drastically wrong. Man started to believe that because they were physically stronger, it was actually man that was supposed to lead the World.  Strength was the most important thing and power came from strength. Although this is true, it is the meaning of the world “strength” that confused man, believing it to be physical. So slowly and surely, man did take over the World, believing women to be less important and that women should be the ones in a supporting role. Throughout the remaining centuries, man unknowingly did everything they possibly could to ruin the World. The World that the women should have owned.

In my dream, I had accepted this, I cannot remember how I found out, but I embraced the religion and realised that I had been humbled to the true nature of God’s powers, or rather Goddesses powers. I dedicated my life to serving women and because of it, because of my sacrifice and dedication to serving the Goddesses, I was accepted into heaven, the true destination of our path on this planet and a place we could only get into if we lived as God had intended, men being the servants.

I awoke and was amazed at how creative I had been in my dream. I was not really sure where that had come from, yes I was submissive, but I am (or was) a total atheist. I was also greatly amused at what the hell I was dreaming about! My submission had taken a new turn it seems.

Suddenly, it hit me really hard, what if this was true? It makes sense that it is. Every disaster (excluding natural) and downfall or step back has been man made. Through mans love of power, money, laziness and greed, we have effectively started the process of ending the World. Our greed has caused us to demand products that we cannot sustain. Farming methods that are killing the planet because of our laziness. The love of power and money has led to wars and left our fellow humans in a state of poverty, just so the rich can be rich. Every single issue, whether it is environmental, political, economic or social is because of man.

Because of this, man needs to resume position of the servant.

And some…..

This led me to thinking more about “Goddesstopia” (unfortunately the name I dreamt – not all of this dream was genius!) and I realised, this religion is the saviour or the World. Everything I had dreamt about is true, and if it isn’t, it should be treated like it is anyway. It is not enough though for us to resume our position as servants to the Goddesses of the World. The Goddesses are the key to our planets survival and happiness and to elevate the importance of the superior females, the men need to lower themselves further and the Goddesses need to treat them accordingly. Going back to what things should be just isn’t enough, man needs to be punished for their love of power, greed, money and laziness. Man has to accept that woman has the power, the Goddesses need to embrace greed to punish man for their desire of it, by stripping them of it. Take every ounce of their greed and use it against them. This is done by making them work, punish them for their laziness and the result = the money worked for is the property of the Goddesses.

Power, greed, money and laziness. It is all the Goddesses now to use against us and for their pleasure.

I fully embrace my new religion, it could do with a name change though, but that is for the Goddesses to decide upon. I believe that this could genuinely put the World back on track. I embrace my position as servant for the powerful Goddesses and I bow to their feet and do whatever I am told to do. ANYTHING that a Goddess requires of me, no matter what it is or what it is for, it is my duty to complete. I will take my punishment for the good of everyone’s future. I urge you to do the same or if you are a Goddess, embrace your power, it is your responsibility to punish man, we are your property to do with as you please. The world will be a better place and you will be accepted into heaven, the more you embrace your power.

Now, every religion needs a leader. If this religion is run evenly by Goddesses then it needs a Supreme Goddess to teach the ways to the Goddesses.

We need a “Goddess” who fully embraces “Greed”.

Goddess and Greed. Goddess Greed.

Where ever do we find our Supreme Goddess???”

Keep watch here on My journal for further updates, Im SO excited!

Anyone who is interested in becoming a disciple…a Goddesstopian, and dedicating their life to this new Religion, should contact Me immediately! Goddessgreed@aol.com



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