Addicted to My Scent



50 HOT photos…Lingerie and pantyhose, some with heels, some with pantyhose feet.




Custom Clip

“You’re my Mistress. You’re wearing heels (peep toe pref), black stockings, panties, short skirt, bra, fully made up, lipstick finger/toenails etc. You order me to lick & kiss your shoes, kiss your toes thro the peephole, you arch yr foot in your shoe, point to it and order me to sniff & kiss the side of your foot, raise yr foot & tell me to suck yr sweat from yr stockinged toes. Hold up yr shoe to the camera & tell me to sniff yr Goddess scent inside it, (this is the main bit), say that I am addicted to your scent, it is the only thing that makes me hard. Tell me to lick yr Goddess sweat inside yr shoe. Order me to kiss & sniff all the way up yr stockings. Then order me to kiss & lick the front of yr panties, verbally degrading me: how you own me, I’m yr property, you’re my 1st priority not my wife, I would do anything to please you etc.Tell me to jerk off into yr shoe & laugh that I would rather jerk off to your shoes than fuck my wife. Count me down 10 – 1. Order me to cum for my Mistress.”


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