Cash meet with loser

so, Tuesday evening Myself and Goddess Glamour met up with loser, at a gorgeous hotel which losers had already paid for.

We met in the bar in the afternoon, where we drank cocktails on losers bar tab, before sending loser away for a couple hours while we enjoyed a 3 course meal.

After the meal we met loser in our hotel room, where he was fortunate enough to be allowed to hand over cash to us both from his knees, while we laughed at him, and took photos.

Losers tiny penis was obviously squirming in the cage he’d put on before he arrived!


Unfortunately loser drank too much and got a little above himself, and would not listen to a word I was saying, so at around 9pm we ordered him to go away… so was unable to do as much webcam as had hoped, and didnt get any clips recorded, but we have plenty of photos….which you all are now going to buy!

Cash Meet with loser – set 1

10 high quality photos. Goddess Greed and Goddess Glamour flaunting losers cash, that hed just handed over in a hotel. Close up face and cash



Cash meet with loser – set 2

26 high quality photos. These photos are AMAZING! Goddess Greed and Goddess Glamour are at the hotel with loser, to take his cash.
Photos contain : Loser handing over money, Loser being used as a footstool while we count his money, us both wearing pantyhose, holding cash, heels…pantyhose feet…loser sign, middle finger. Financial Domination at its very best!


There are lots more photos, which will be sorted and up for sale in the next couple days.

Alternatively you can join My members area to view them all at


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