Live wallet rape on webcam!

On Tuesday 8th November, Myself and My sister are going to stay the night at an extremely glamorous, expensive hotel.

We will be arriving early afternoon, having champagne and cocktails in the bar, then on to a 3 course meal, followed by more drinks….all paid for including the £500 room by My slave ‘loser’.
Loser will be joining us in the afternoon, we have kindly allowed him to come along, and will be doing photos and videos which will be up for sale.
There will also be live webcam… you will all be able to watch loser hand over his cash to us, in the hotel room!
I cant wait!
This one off opportunity costs only $100.
For this you will get at least 30 minutes live webcam, with Me, Goddess Glamour, and loser.
Webcam will be on at 4pm, and 9pm UK time, and will be via skype
Book now! Places will be taken very soon!
When you pay the mail youll get My skype ID, and ill book you in.
Alternatively, if you need to ask anything else, email me  at

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