Your own special audio file

Today, one of My worms, paid £250 for a one off voice recording, especially for him, including his name, and a message of his choice…..he is so proud that hes the only one thats been lucky enough to receive something like this…
which gave me an idea….
Just to humiliate him a little, Im now going to offer this deal to EVERYONE! …Only you get it cheaper!
So not only has the worm paid nearly 10 times the amount you pay, but also it is no longer a one off! ha ha ha ha ha

I have made a recording, telling you what you need to do, just in case youre unable to listen to it…. follow these instructions.
Firstly you need to pay the $30 , then reply to the mail on niteflirt, or email me at with your choice of wording for the recording, not forgetting your name youd like me to use.
The recording can be up to 4 sentences,and not over 1 minute long.
I want this to be your own special recording that you listen to over and over, obsessing at My perfect voice, imagining all kinds of perverted thoughts…



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