Its time to stroke!

A new week is here…

Back to work to earn lots of CASH for ME!

You know how HOT that makes Me.

Imagining you all at work, sweating in a stuffy office…

Imagining you coming home from a long day and handing over everything you earned to ME.

MMmmmm…Just perfect.

Ok I have some instructions for you.

They MUST ALL be followed!

Firstly I want you to buy all the new clips and photos, in the order Ive posted them.

Youll start with the Addiction Therapy…. buy it, watch it.

You may slowly stroke while you watch it, but you may NOT cum.

I want you nice and hard while you watch, rock hard…. but you are not allowed to orgasm…yet.

If youre at work, I want you to download on to your phone, ipad and sneak to the bathroom to watch, or if youre alone in an office, you may watch there…. and gently stroke your cock through your pants.

When youve finished watching, you will be desperate for more…your cock should be throbbing by now, you need to see more of my amazing legs, you NEED to hear My voice again.

You NEED to cum so badly, while watching ME.

Now…buy all of the other files in this mail.

Buy them all before watching/looking.

The photos, the clips… then when they are ALL bought, you may watch in order.

Start here…. :

Addiction Therapy

Ive been watching you.

Youve been spending every possible moment buying clips, and masturbating constantly…. and all for what?

Your life is miserable.

Youve been wasting far too much money on so many different ladies. Youre addicted. Im going to help you with that….




When you have finished watching Addiction Therapy, you may go on to buy ALL of the following, then follow the instructions at the end of this post.


10 HOT high quality photos! I am wearing amazing black patterned stocking pantyhose… Photos show legs, ass, and feet.






15 High Quality photos. Close up face – Black leather and Lace Gloves





You know youll do anything I say when Im wearing these HOT pantyhose, and heels…

Im gonna instruct you to cum in your hand, then youre going to lick every drop up.

You LOVE eating cum for Goddess!




OK now youve bought all the files, you may open the first photo set, and look through the photos one by one.

You may again rub your cock slowly while youre looking….slowly look through them all, imagining me right in front of you now!

Youre so fucking hard now… you might even be dripping…

You need to cool down a little…open the next set.

Look through the photos, no stroking now…. but instead imagine me, those leather gloves, stroking Myself up My long legs…. or even using one finger to lightly run up your stiff cock

Teasing…teasing so bad…

When you cant stand it any longer you may open the last clip.

If youre in your office, take your cock out ready to stroke…. if youre at home,  go somewhere you wont be disturbed…away from wifey…

You may not need to sneak around, but I LOVE the thought of that.

Im getting so fucking hot just thinking about it.

Now watch the clip… youll be allowed to stroke real hard, and cum at the end, so be prepared!

As you cum, I want you to whisper, over and over…

Im yours Goddess…..



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