Live wallet rape on webcam!

On Tuesday 8th November, Myself and My sister are going to stay the night at an extremely glamorous, expensive hotel. We will be arriving early afternoon, having champagne and cocktails in the bar, then on to a 3 course meal, followed by more drinks….all paid for including the £500 room by My slave ‘loser’. Loser […]

Photos of Perfection

There are 2 new photo sets for sale. I expect all you addicts to buy them… or even buy them delete them, and buy them again! New shoes and Pantyhose 14 photos of perfection. Im wearing new shoes that slave james bought, nude pantyhose and a tight dress.   SMOKING hot! 15 high quality photos. […]

Its time to stroke!

A new week is here… Back to work to earn lots of CASH for ME! You know how HOT that makes Me. Imagining you all at work, sweating in a stuffy office… Imagining you coming home from a long day and handing over everything you earned to ME. MMmmmm…Just perfect. Ok I have some instructions […]