Chat with Me and My Sister!

You lucky freaks!

I have set up a skype group chat, with myself and Goddess Glamour, which you boys are invited to join, and chat as and when.

Let me explain how the group works, I know you sometimes have trouble getting to grips with things.

The group is like a normal skype conversation. You click the link Im going to give you and itll take you straight to it, either using your skype ID if youre logged in and have an account, or as a guest if you dont.

You may either keep the conversation open for good, itll always be there, and chat when youre around, or you can leave and come back using the same link.

There, simple!

Myself and Glamour will be around when we have time.

Please remember its polite to introduce yourself when you first enter the room, even if its just a quick hello.

Anyone who does not, will be kicked out.

This is the link   HERE

Oh I almost forgot…

I threw together a 2 minute rip off clip yesterday morning.

How ‘easy easy easy’ are you???


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