PVC and Latex!

These photos are fucking amazing!

Myself and My sister Goddess Glamour….wearing Latex and PVC!

Photos contain the following:

High heels, platformed boots, pantyhose, gloves, PVC catsuit, Latex dresses, whip, and 2 gorgeous dominant, superior, Ladies!

You also have instructions…..

You need to please both myself and Goddess Glamour, and to please us, firstly you must buy photos..preferably all 3 sets, but failing that, cheap boys need to buy at least one set.

If wifey/ gf is at home, or youre at work, I want you to sneak into the bathroom with the photos you have purchased, and look through them all….one by one, slowly stroking your cock.

Kepp stroking, a little faster, and looking through, then I want you to pick your favourite 2 photos.

When youre close to orgasm, just look at the 2 fav photos….as you stroke faster, repeating over and over ( quietly so wifey doesnt hear) that you belong to US!

The photo that you spill your horrible freak juices on, needs to be then used as a screensaver, or put somewhere where it can be accessed easily, and looked at as often as possible….good boys







This last set is for sale at Goddess Glamours niteflirt account, works just the same, click the button and PAY!

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