Idiot and other weirdos

Its been quite some time since I last had fun with idiot.
Years ago he was a regular, and I must admit I took a huge amount of money from him over time, but then he disappeared for a while, and these days he spends most of his time going from insta to insta wasting My money.
So today, he had to be punished.
I ordered him to first send some money, then go outside and find some stinging nettles, which he did quickly.
He was then told to start on each nipple,tickling it slowly with the nettle, until he got stung several times, then work his way to his chest…etc etc
By the end of about 1 hour on cam, idiot had stung his nipples, both arse cheeks, his cock and his balls, and was feeling quite sore! ha ha ha ha ha
I however wasnt sore.
I was ~£200 better off…and very amused.





Oh, weakling, im still waiting for you to call back. I know youre stalking my twitter and I miss you so, I felt we had such a connection on our brief chat! Do call back soon so I can check how you are   take some more cash!

How could I forget….today is the day blackmailed loser sends £1000.

Yep, 1k…all for ME.

Ill update as soon as it arrives with a pretty picture of it….

Update : Isnt this just perfectly pretty…







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