Top slaves

I have many slaves, as you can imagine, some long term, some that turn up every so often then disappear …

Some that send cash regularly, some that require my time, some that just send nf tributes for absolutely nothing…..

Every Slave is different. 

Some are good boys, some aren’t so good and need to be punished.

Some are mostly ignored while they squirm, begging for attention. 

After lots of consideration I have chosen my 3 top slaves. ( in no particular order to avoid tantrums) 

1) Loser.

2) Slave James ( ggslave)

3) J

The decision was based on trust and respect, the amount of time they’ve been around, reliability, and of course amount of cash spent.


Loser has been around for a good 13 years.

He was one of the first slaves I ever spoke with online, he tributed £30, I remember it well, and I remember thinking ‘how fucking easy was that!’

He hasn’t always been ‘my’ Slave, but he’s always been around, popping up here n there and easily parting with his cash.

Probably the last 5-7 years we’ve had more of a long term D/s  relationship, possibly since he spent £28000 on a Range Rover for me 😀, and since I first got him out of a terrible mess he’d managed to get himself in with another Domme trying to blackmail him.

Loser isn’t a perfect slave. On many occasions I’ve found out he’s spent large amounts of my money on other ladies ( for which he was punished expensively ) and I suspect he still has the odd slip up when he’s drunk and his tiny weeny dick is twinging, but mostly he’s been a good boy, eager to please, and incredibly easy. 

We have an understanding, don’t we loser.

When I got married at the beginning of the month loser was so excited ! 

I very kindly let him be part of the whole thing, by allowing him to buy the dress, pay for the registrar, and many other things, and even invited him to the reception.

He gave me his credit card details and I used it online to buy what I needed.

He also paid towards the honeymoon, and paid a honeymoon tax, £10 every time me and my husband had sex 😂😂

He’s an incredibly lucky boy.

In July loser gets a big endowment payment, and I have kindly relieved him of £4000  £5000 of that.

You see, he can’t be trusted to keep it all, he’ll just make a mess of things.

That’s what happens when loser doesn’t have the guidance of his Goddess, he makes such a terrible mess.

His little dick gets him in all sorts of trouble.

Of course this also goes for all my slaves….you all need the guidance of Goddess. Without it, you’re nothing.

Tomorrow I will post about slave James.

Bye for now freaks! 

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