Hot Tub Fun!

You know how much Goddess loves to relax and have fun, while you boys work hard to keep Me in the manner I have become accustomed to.

So yesterday was a lovely day, and apparently the last lovely day for a week or so, as its getting colder again…So I had to make the most of it.

I bought prosecco and raspberry vodka for cocktails, and jumped in the hot tub, for the whole afternoon and evening.

But boys, it wouldnt be right for ME to not think of you at all, you know how terrible kind and thoughtful I am….so I took the opportunity to get a photo set taken.

Now you are going to go BUY it.

13 high quality photos…Goddess relaxing in hot tub, showing bare feet, soles, wrinkles, legs, and red nails , all dripping in water….


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