In case youve forgotten the rules…

Lets get a few things straight losers…
Lets get Goddess Greeds rules through to that pea brain of yours.
I do not wish to spend hours speaking with you. I do not wish to spend time seeing if we’re compatible. Were NOT!
We will never be compatible, Im superior, you’re a worm.
If I wanted a fucking pen pal Id apply for one!
I don’t want to hear your life story, I’m interested only in the parts that benefit me such as how much you earn and whether you have a wifey around spending my money.
I am ONLY interested in what I can take from you, and to be honest, the quicker I can do that, and the quicker you’re on your way, the better.
Quick, easy money…your money, thats what turns me on, thats what makes me tingle in places you’ll never reach!
Clicking my fingers and finding it in my account quicker than you can even get that pin dick out.
Do not EVER message Me without first sending a tribute, learn some fucking manners…
and don’t  ever make the mistake of thinking I like you.
I dont, I won’t ever. You are a wallet to me, a walking fucking wallet.
Nothing more….

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