Stupid and loser

Wednesday evening Myself and my man went out for dinner.

I messaged stupid on Skype and told him we were going out and that he was paying for our dinner.

You see sometimes I allow stupid to sit at my feet when I’m out, or to stare at the closed phone case on webcam, he’s such a good boy  stupid fucking freak.

He sends money on demand, and gets to see…. Well, not much.

Anyway, Wednesday stupid agreed to pay for dinner and waited patiently for me to call him on Skype. 

I allowed him to call when we were halfway through eating and he sent $100 to cover the bill, I then pointed the webcam on my phone straight at my drink, with just the tiniest glimpse of my arm, and told him to sit quietly .

A while later I demanded he send more to cover our drinks, and he sent another 100, and continued to sit quietly while we enjoyed ourselves.

You see why he’s called stupid?

I think he needs a name change , ‘fucking stupid’ would be more appropriate .
Now on to loser.

Another freak that lives up to his name constantly.

Loser gets an endowment payment in July, which I’ve already claimed £5000 of.

One small problem though, I’m incredibly impatient.

I want it NOW.

Luckily I’m full of fantastic ideas, and decided I would spend the money on his credit card, which he could pay off in July when the money arrives. 

Clever huh!

Loser knows to agree with whatever I say, as it’s always in his best interests, and handed over the credit card details a couple days ago.

I think so far I’ve spent around £750…. I’m not keeping count….oops!

Losers having a great time seeing his credit card bill add up….possibly not quite as much a great time as I’m having, but that’s life.

Oh, JK bought me a new iPad Pro which arrived yesterday.

I want a pencil for it.

£50 gift certificate sent to will cover it.

Chop chop.

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