Follow plus

I love it. It’s been about a month now since I joined, and a have a fair few followers building up. It’s basically the same as Twitter, only you PAY to follow Me. Isn’t that the most perfect idea ever. The more followers I get, and the more comments, likes etc etc…the more I will […]


The sun is shining, the countryside is calling. Today will be spent walking dogs and fussing horses.  If you want My attention you’ll need to try REALLY hard. Cash. Lots of it. That is all….    It’s a hard life….

Stupid and loser

Wednesday evening Myself and my man went out for dinner. I messaged stupid on Skype and told him we were going out and that he was paying for our dinner. You see sometimes I allow stupid to sit at my feet when I’m out, or to stare at the closed phone case on webcam, he’s […]