I love to tease!

The new members page at http://www.followplus.com/goddessgreed is such fun!

You see, if you follow, or subscribe to ME, you get to see all the private photos and clips, the passwords to webcam shows, private messages to freaks….

If you do not follow ME, you get to see the caption describing the photo, and then a big empty grey box. Such a terrible tease! Ha ha ha ha ha

But then I took it a step further…

I have blurred out a couple of new photos that I took today, photos that have been posted on members, and posted them on twitter!

You cant see much, but you can make out just how hot the real photo is.

Isnt that just perfect!



Click HERE to go view those big empty grey boxes!

OR, follow me, and become one of my ever addicted toys….

Alternatively you may buy the set of 8 photos, black patterned pantyhose from Niteflirt  HERE ….as long as you remember to thank ME.


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