Im getting a little carried away!

We have, which is the old domain, with a new website I made, we have which goes to the same place, but I liked the domain name, we have where you freaks can post your devotions to ME, and now we have which is My journal!

Make a note of them all freaks, youll need every single one of them…and try not to get too confused, I know your little brain cant cope sometimes, especially with all the different photos of Me in different places!

Another reminder of My new Members area, ( another website to make note of, though the link to it is on so that shouldnt get too confusing)

Its a place where I post lots of private photos, those that are usually only available by buying a photo set…lots of clips, humilation assignments, masturbation instructions, access to free webcam, and much much more!

If youre not a member youll be missing out on SO MUCH.

To become a member go HERE , click to subscribe to ME, add a credit card, then go back and subscribe….youll then reveal the photos behind those little grey boxes that torment you so much!


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