New Website

Im SO excited about My new website.

Much more excited than I would seem spending time speaking with freaks like you.

Ive spent hours, days, editing, and adding photo sets, clips etc, and theres still so much to do, but Im loving working on it.

Ive also edited My Niteflirt pages, as they were also badly in need of updating, and Im pleased with them for now.

Its so important for Me to make everything look as good as possible,, and make everything as easy as possible for you all to navigate, after all, youre not good at thinking for yourself, and if Im not around to help youre gonna have to work it out all by yourself.

Perhaps even the fact Im excited about the new site, will mean I update My journal much more often.

You can only hope.

 For now, you may buy a few clips, or photo sets, or just send a tribute…go on, show Me what a clever boy you are and that youve worked out how all by yourself!

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