I nearly forgot to tell you all about stupid.

He’ll be terribly disappointed that he hasn’t appeared on My journal yet, especially after his last humiliation.

You see, on valentines day, stupid got to spend the afternoon with Me!

Well, I say spend it with me, what I really mean is, he got to watch a blank screen for a couple hours, and pay for my day…but thats a pretty good deal don’t you think freaks.

While I had drinks with My man, before going out to eat, stupid was allowed to Skype me to my phone.

The phone was on the bar, the case was closed, so he could see nothing but a black screen…the bar was full of people talking, so I don’t even think he could hear Me clearly….yet he stayed on his knees for a good 2 hours, and watched.

Of course every so often I spoke to him…to tell him to go send another $100…

What a lucky freak stupid is!


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