Losers cage

Loser recently got a new cage. Im not sure hes really got the hang of how its supposed to work, as he seems to put it on and off as he feels like it. I think Goddess needs to put a stop to that, dont you boys? I think what hes doing is putting it […]

Members Area

Its your lucky day boys! I now have a members area. A place you can subscribe to, where I post private photos ( those that would usually be for sale ) Free clips, access to free webcam and more! To subscribe go HERE  then bookmark the page so you never miss a thing!

Teased To Ruin

I first made the hugely popular clip, ‘Teased to Ruin’ a few years back. I loved it…everyone loved it. I had such fun with freaks who had bought it, who wanted to recreate the scene…wanting to send their credit card, and have me tease the pin number from them, just as I do in the […]


I already wrote about stupid on my old journal a few days ago, but since its not here on this one, I thought I would give him the special honour of writing again. You see stupid is a very lucky boy. He got to spend the day with Me on Valentines day. Well, not actually […]