Confessions of a Goddess

Ive been meaning to post an update here for quite some time now, but you know, other more important things keep coming up… I think Ive often mentioned what a totally exhausting busy life I have.

I have shopping to do, dogs to walk in the beautiful countryside, lunch dates, lots of sex with my new man…etc etc etc….. Im tired just thinking about it all.

So, here we are, now where shall I start….

Slave J has been busy buying gifts, and Ive been busy using his credit card on shopping trips, visits to the beauty rooms, hair appointments… the list goes on…and on.


Doesn’t slaves credit card look just perfect in my hand.

I also booked a holiday cottage for the Christmas and New Year period, slave James will be paying around £630 towards it. When I told him he replied ‘gulp’, which always makes me smirk.

I just love the thought of him squirming thinking about all his hard earned cash disappear.

He cant do anything about it though, he’s far too weak.

Weak and easy.

Incredibly easy.

Once he’s locked up in chastity, and being teased, he’s pretty much wrapped around my little finger.

I watch him on webcam sometimes, while he gazes at My pantyhose, he sweats, squirms, sometimes begs… I take more and more.

He cant touch, he’s locked up….so Incredibly fucking weak.

Anyway, enough about him…

Malcolm…has been contacting me for a while now, asking to pay me.

I finally allowed him to watch me on cam, and placed the cam at my feet so he could stare up at my long legs in heels.

It didn’t take long at all to take £400 from him, and now….well now he’s in hiding hahahahaha

Im guessing he’ll pop back up once his wounds have healed, and I look forward to opening them all up again, and making it hurt twice as bad…Mmmmm.

You know you boys always come back, and I just love the ones that stop by, spend a fortune, then fuck off until they’re ready to spend another fortune.

Do I want to own you? No I fucking do not. I don’t want to have to talk shit to you every day.

I don’t want any attention freaks bothering me constantly. Whining slaves, there’s nothing worse.

I own you the minute you spend a fortune then run.

You didn’t consider that …did you?




Blackmailed idiot has gone     is back already.

After sending the last £1000 I allowed him to crawl away for his therapy.



We said our goodbyes, he was emotional as usual, and then approximately 1 month later, he popped up on My messenger yesterday and sent £300 ha ha ha ha ha

So much for therapy huh.

He then left..back to findom sobriety, and will never be seen again ….well not for at least a week anyway!

Oh, stupid…you popped into My head today. I do so very miss our chats. You know those chats on NF, where you rattled on about how perfect I am, and I just ignored you….those chats.

I think its time I made you some more $250, 2 minute rip off clips, don’t you?

Thats all for now….more soon






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