Guess the password

Ok, I know how you freaks love playing games, and I do too…so long as they involve 1) taking your cash, and 2) Myself being amused by frustrated freaks trying their hardest to win a glimpse of Goddess!

My webcam will be on today at 7pm ( uk time Sunday 12th March)

Today will be foot cam, I think Ill relax on my bed and put the cam at the bottom, so you can see both My perfect soles, and My face…with a little tease of My toes every so often…

The cam will be on in My tiny chat room.

At 7pm I will set the password, and turn on My cam, and will give you a small clue as to the password via My twitter

You may guess it right away…but I very much doubt it…so I will continue to relax and watch tv, smiling to myself at knowing all you foot freaks are desperately trying to guess….

after 20 mins or so you’ll get another clue via twitter…so keep watching boys…and then another a while later…..

OR, the most clever of you foot freaks will BUY more clues.

The clues are set out here, starting with a not so easy clue, for a small amount of cash…and going up and up till the last clue, which will cost you more, but will almost give you the password ….ALMOST.

There is also one more option. For $200 you can buy the password…be that lucky freak that gets to sit at My feet while others are still frantically trying to work out the password.

If you do manage to get in, you’ll get a box pop up….enter a username and hit ‘go’

Good luck freaks!

Clue 1 


Clue 2 


Clue 3


Clue 4 


Im too stupid to guess, please just give me the password 

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