You boys are just too fucking lucky.

You need to be real grateful that Im such a generous Goddess. Providing you with more photos than your little dick can handle.

You’re gonna stroke so hard tonight your poor dick will be broken for days…weeks maybe.

So, I had my hair done at the salon today. Highlights, to tone down the blonde a little. I fancied a change, and am aiming for a golden brown for a while, until I get bored again.

I get bored so very easily.

You know what else I get bored of?


in fact the only time Im not bored of you, is when you’re handing me money, and even then sometimes you STILL bore the shit out of me….

Anyway, back to Me…. highlights, and a cut….oh and eyebrow wax.

All paid for with slave james’ credit card of course.

I love handing over his card to pay, its like my ‘I get everything free’ card.

He pays, I don’t. He has no say, I do. Isn’t that just perfect freaks?

So of course I had to take photos, of Myself looking even more perfect than usual… some photos holding his   My card tightly in my greedy hand…

11 photos in total…. quickly go buy them now, then come back for the others…chop chop theres a good boy!



Got them?

Good… now for another treat, and this is one fucking amazing treat…

I found an old photo set this evening… about a year or 2 old, and I thought Id be kind and share it.

I think this is one of the hottest sets I have.

Im wearing new heels bought by ‘useless’ …a short black dress and pantyhose…and OMG those legs…



When you have bought both sets you have permission to stroke…. oh but boys, don’t forget your cum tax…. in the left hand column of my website…

Before you go…one more thing.

This weeks wants from my list…


Casadei Womens 6200N Fashion Sandals

Michael Kors M2899S-652 Ladies M2899S Brandy Crystal Blush Sunglasses

MOROCCANOIL Intense Hydrating Mask 500ml     purchased by pedro




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