Blackmailed Idiot

Myself and blackmailed idiot are playing a little game….

Its called, lets see how long idiot can cope with his details on my journal until he begs for me to delete it and sends me lots of money…doesn’t that sound fun!

this post will be updated every couple of minutes with more info…..

Idiot has an extremely small penis….2 1/2 soft, 4 1/2 hard…. now thats not much use to anyone now is it! In fact all its good for, is making him give me MORE of his cash….

Idiot LOVES to be fucked hard with a strap on, while he cries and begs for more…. he really is a disgusting pervert…

While idiot is telling me all his perverted desires, he sends me cash, LOTS of cash, in fact he has to be the EASIEST, cash freak Ive ever know…around 75k has managed to make its way from his bank account to Mine, isn’t that just perfect!

Idiot is NOW going to open his paypal and send me another £100….arent you idiot…..

Idiot knows if he refuses I will post his full name and details here right now, so Im guessing his last statement to me on Skype was a mistake and he will apologise for it…..

Idiot also knows that even if he does apologise and sends the money very quickly, Goddess will probably post his details anyway, just because it amuses Me…..


Hahahaha, info deleted, as Idiot paid and then left …..till the next time! Well wasn’t that easy….


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