Here it is..

finally, a long awaited update.

Lots has been going on, lots of things in my life, far more important than providing you boys with wank material…but today I felt I should at least give you the opportunity to spend some of that cash…that cash that is MY cash….lets get it where it belongs shall we boys, in MY Greedy hand.

So a few photo sets waiting to be bought, to be drooled over, masturbated over…..but most importantly, to help to reel you in, in to my web, where you can take a seat, at my feet, and accept that you’ll never escape….ever.

Grab your wallet freaks, you know you want to….you have to….




Screenshot at Sep 24 22-02-04



Screenshot at Sep 24 22-06-53



Screenshot at Sep 24 22-11-43



Screenshot at Sep 24 22-16-00



Screenshot at Sep 24 22-18-16



Screenshot at Sep 24 22-20-59



Screenshot at Sep 24 22-25-38


You know buying just one set is against Goddess rules…buy at least 2…buy them all, then delete them and buy them again…..

More to come tomorrow…

Oh you may remember James…. GGs slave….

He left service…he managed about 5 or 6 weeks away, and now he’s back…..slowly crawling back where he belongs.

Id say don’t try to leave boys, as theres no point….but I actually love to see you try…the struggle, it amuses me so much when you come back with your puppy dog tails between your legs, ha ha ha

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