Lets play Blackmail!

This is an amazing blackmail series…where you use your imagination, to take you into another world, a world of excitement, danger thrills, and ultimate sexual highs…Its time for blackmail!


Part 1

This is the first part of this amazing blackmail series. It explains the rules, your instructions, and sets you up for the whole series…gets you ready for  the fun.

You MUST buy this first.






Part 2

Time to get naked, and on your knees.

Youve finally taken the step, your own choice now is to go on to the end…let your imagination run away with you!





Part 3 

Pour yourself a drink, and relax….Do you remember that naughty secret you told Me?  Those perverted desires…fantasies…

Hmmm wouldnt it be just terrible if everyone found out





Part 4

Get your wallet freak, make sure its full of cards and notes, youre going to need it.

Im so glad we’re becoming such good friends.

Youve been such a good boy so far, Im sure youre not going to let Me down




Part 5

I see youre learning very quickly.

You know Goddess always knows best.

Youre especially enjoying being allowed to stroke while you watch Me…while you watch My legs and listen to My voice.

We’re getting along just perfectly!




Part 6

Youre making some very wise decisions…trying your best not to make Me angry hahaha.

Youre hoping I show you mercy and dont call your family.

You better continue buying the clips then, theres a good boy




Part 7

Remember My little blackmailed freak, you always need to ask for permission to stroke.

We dont want Me getting angry…do we.

Dont forget I have all your details, a recording of your voice telling Me your dirty secrets….




Final Part

Hmm well thats everything gone from your wallet..but youve learned a valuable lesson.

Goddess always wins.

You always lose….

Prepare for the countdown to the most amazing orgasm…






One thought on “Lets play Blackmail!

  1. A superb series Goddess; such a turn-on. I came with You every inch of the way and as for You Goddess, You simply get more and more beautiful.


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