Since worms post yesterday Ive decided itll be much more fun to put alot of the instructions for freaks on here, instead of on yahoo, or email.

That way the rest of you can see what youre missing out on….

Im not sure worm was too impressed with his special post yesterday, but hes certainly a very lucky worm to have been mentioned…

Useless : Your instructions for today are as follows…

I know you love to buy Me heels, and youre dying to buy Me more, and for that reason you may buy me……..the water filter on My wish list.

Hahahaha if youre very lucky I may send you a photo of Myself using it 🙂

Dont forget to comment and say thank you…..

Oh you may have already read if you follow Me on twitter, that today Ive been spending some time working on a blackmail clip series….Im loving it!

It should all be ready hopefully for tomorrow….loser fingers crossed!

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