Lets play Blackmail!

This is an amazing blackmail series…where you use your imagination, to take you into another world, a world of excitement, danger thrills, and ultimate sexual highs…Its time for blackmail!   Part 1 This is the first part of this amazing blackmail series. It explains the rules, your instructions, and sets you up for the whole […]


Since worms post yesterday Ive decided itll be much more fun to put alot of the instructions for freaks on here, instead of on yahoo, or email. That way the rest of you can see what youre missing out on…. Im not sure worm was too impressed with his special post yesterday, but hes certainly […]


Worm, from now on, any instructions or email replies, will be here. Right now you dont deserve one to one emails. Right, where shall we start. Lets play a guessing game. Question 1) When worm sends Goddess an email telling Goddess what kind of instructions she should be sending, what does Goddess do? a) Reply […]