Paul is an idiot. He thought he could play a game with Me.

I knew his type right from the I let him think he was getting away with his games for a while…then I hit him with his info.

I think most of you who know Me, know Im usually very fair, until you piss Me off.

Never promise something you have no intention of following through. You see while youre thinking youre clever, and getting a free wank, Im busy setting up My trap.

Idiot is now trapped.


‘idiot pigs Devotion to the Great Goddess Greed,

about a month ago i was scouring through the net talking to various girls claiming to be Dominant when i found a comment on one of my posts i had made on a social network. It was Goddess Greed mocking me for going from girl to girl doing the same thing.

Before i knew it i couldnt fight the urge any longer so i messaged Goddess to see why She would say this. For me this was pretty much the beginning of the end. By the end of the conversation i couldnt think of anyone else but Goddess Greed. i had been buying Her clips being advised which ones would suit me then i saw a blackmail clip that i just could say no to so i told Goddess i had bought it and She cooly said for me to enjoy and obviously sat back and waited as She has probably seen many a weak male like me fall into Her delicious trap.

i watched Her clips for few days and was becoming more and more desperate to contact Goddess and tell Her things. Without realising i had already told Her my info but im sure i tried to keep it minimal. After this i kinda went bad to my old ways and thought maybe i would just run again and float around the internet perving and getting kicks off others before i realised i had upset Goddess Greed and was in alot of trouble. Goddess Greed is a very very Powerful Woman not to be messed with. She exudes Dominance, can put You in a trance with one look of Her Beauty and whats more is She knows exactly how to control us lowly males.

i woke up today to find that the minimal info Goddess recieved from me and has now snowballed to the effect i no longer have any choice but to hand my life helplessly over to Goddess Greed Her Majesty. i will live now everyday for Her until She becomes bored or chooses to ruin me, all i know is its not up to me anymore. Thank You my Gdodess Greed Your Highness.

idiot pig.x



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