tut tut

Must I keep reminding you fools to not fuck with Me? Paul Brown, of wraysbury, I will be contacting your family first thing in the morning. Im rather hoping you dont come good, as Im looking forward to it. What a disappointment you must be to them…..

Rip off

These have to be My favourite clips of all…where I spend just 2 minutes telling you how stupid you are for spending $120 on a 2 minute clip telling you how stupid you are. Cmon, you know youre that fucking stupid…run along and buy     


Paul is an idiot. He thought he could play a game with Me. I knew his type right from the start..so I let him think he was getting away with his games for a while…then I hit him with his info. I think most of you who know Me, know Im usually very fair, until […]