More silly boys

Fahad Hamid…

Tomorrow the rest of your info will go up here…try not to piss Me off too much huh.

Lets hope you dont force Me to contact your family…..theyll be so disappointed in you.

Oh and Sune anderson…or whatever your real name is…



*Full Name: Peter Svensson

*Home Address: Montörvägen 6, 168 31 BROMMA

*Tel: 0046-736899988

*E-Mail Address:

*Marital Status: Married

* Name Wife: Carina Andersson Svensson

* Tel: 0046-738297122

*E-Mail Address:

*Neighbour and my wifes friend: Catarina Pettersson

*Adress: Montörvägen 8, 168 31 BROMMA

*E-Mail Adress:

*Job Title: Housebuilder

*Company Name & Address : BEIJER BYGGMATERIAL AB, Box 798, 191 27 SOLLENTUNA

*E-Mail Adress:

*My boss: Per-Erik Svensson

*E-Mail Adress:







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