News, clips and photos

Firstly a new clip… Counting your money      Run along and buy it, and watch Me take your money, count it, and laugh at your pathetic ass! And, you lucky freaks, a new photoset. Money and Legs. Black and red dress, nude pantyhose and heels….and lots of YOUR money! I suppose youd like to […]


I have made a new clip, details of how to buy it will be posted tomorrow, along with lots of news. For now, heres  a short clip as a treat….far too many treats these days…. [local /wp-content/uploads/2013/10/moneynlegs1.wmv]  


Morning losers! I appear to have forgotten about you all again hahahaha. Well, no time now, as this lunch time Im off to meet a loser to collect £3000. I shall post about it when Im home…its a  hard life being a Goddess…. Would you like another pic to keep you going?

More silly boys

Fahad Hamid… Tomorrow the rest of your info will go up here…try not to piss Me off too much huh. Lets hope you dont force Me to contact your family…..theyll be so disappointed in you. Oh and Sune anderson…or whatever your real name is…     *Full Name: Peter Svensson *Home Address: Montörvägen 6, 168 […]