More poor addicted fools…

How I found and fell for Goddess Greed


I am a pay piggy and have been for three years since discovering the fetish by accident whilst for phone sex online.

I have spent the last three years exploring my new fetish and experiencing the rush that it provides the experience of fulfilment that you can feel.

However, one of the down sides of the last years is that I have sadly spent it drifting from Findom to Findom wasting money and time casually and selfishly feeding my own desire.

This has now suddenly and unequivocally changed since I was fortunate to discover and encounter the one and only GODDESS GREED.

I came across Goddess on twitter and was immediately intrigued by her; to a Pay Piggy Loser like me, Goddess seemed like something too good to be true.

I immediately poured my attention over Goddess’s superb website, found Goddess on Niteflirt and got reading and understanding everything that Goddess had to say and what her slaves had experienced.

I found myself immediately stricken and taken back by Goddess’s words and her beauty!

Once I felt like I had read a huge amount about Goddess from Goddess’s website and journal, I thought that I just had to call her on Niteflirt.

So I generously topped up my Niteflirt account and gave Goddess as call; unfortunately though, Goddess was busy at the time of my call and the phone call from Niteflirt eventually timed outL

I was now in a difficult position as I still so desperately wanted to speak to Goddess, after all if a person is capable of making you feel the way Goddess makes me feel, and then I needed to call her and tell her I am ready to submit to her, wholly and completely.

So, I refreshed her page a couple of times to see of it would change back to taking calls, but alas Goddess must have been busy.

So, I decided to buy Goddess’s yahoo ID and contact Goddess that way, and also decided to start Goddess’s 12 steps Programme to Addiction.

This proved to be a brilliant way of me getting myself ready and conditioned/programmed for Goddess’s ownership of me as her pay piggy loser.

I loved Goddess’s programme and brought and watched all 12 steps back to back!

Then to my absolute surprise my new Goddess Greed replied to my yahoo message I had sent Goddess just hours before!

I am pleased to announce that I am a weak, pathetic, pay piggy loser that is bowled over by Goddess Greed and I am just gutted that I have been so selfish in the last 3 years as to be indulging myself and wasting all that money and time that should have been Goddess Greed’s.

I have admitted that I am an addicted of Findom, and that I want to be selfless, accepting and happy to give all I have to Goddess and to submit to her total and complete controlJ


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