I trust you Goddess Greed

Famous last words? ha ha ha

Guy has been around for a long time now, weve chatted occasionally but he says he’ll never pay Me, as I wont play his games. Hes a little bit of a smart ass if you like…

Ive had his details for years, but he says he trusts Me. Hmmm.

Lets just say Id had enough of his games when he decided to call My NF line the other day…and guess what. Hes now sending Me £100 every week for the next 5 weeks. hahaha

Will I let him stop after 5 weeks? If hes a very lucky boy…..




Oh how I love to get My own way….

I have been busy making a few new clips for you….show youre appreciation by buying them..several times…


Firstly I want you naked. Do as youre told, this is all about Me controlling your cock..controlling every stroke…focus on My legs, and do as I say, copy Me as I stroke and squeeze, and imagine My pretty painted fingers holding your cock firmly….good boy.





Youll never know what its like to be a real man, but I have kindly made this short clip to show you the comparison of you, and the kind of man that REALLY pleases Me… Dont worry little loser, you can please Me in other ways, if your wallet is thick enough…because your cock certainly isnt!






I know how you love to stare at My pretty feet, foot freak. Especially when I also tease you a little, with my long legs, and My gorgeous new bra…come and sit at My feet, theres a good boy





Be very careful though, these clips contain highly addictive material, prepare to be fucked for life!

I took this photo yesterday morning before I got dressed, and couldnt help thinking how sweet and innocent I look in My PJs….dont you agree My addicted freaks….


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