The Place to Be….

Exciting things have been happening while youve been busy masturbating…

Goddess has made a secret group on facebook….and exclusive group with Myself, and a few of My real life female friends…

My friends arent Dommes..they dont know much about the scene…but they are all strong Ladies, who love to use men….and they are having a great time so far!

I have a separate amazon wish list for them..HERE

If youre not a member youre missing out…on LOTS, photos, chat, games, humiliation, webcam etc etc…




In order to get your invite you have to pay, only $5, by clicking here….

If you do not have a NF account you may email Me, or comment here asking how you can become a member.

Here is a short writing by a sub who is lucky enough to already be a member …..

It was a pleasure to be able to join Goddess Greed’s new facebook group, and the prospect of talking with the Goddess Herself and Her friends was a real treat. Having developed a good collection of the videos and clips from the Goddess’ online store, it was a chance to learn more about this beautiful English Domme and to talk to Her friends in an informal facebook group.

The group itself is already very busy, and the amount of banter between Her slaves is a lot of fun. In Her invite Goddess Greed said of Her friends – ‘they’re turning out to be a Bitchy Greedy lot’, and this is certainly proving to be true! It is a pleasure and an honour to be in the presence of such an attractive and sometimes intimidating group of Women who know exactly what they want, and have no qualms in exploiting us to get it.

Beauty and brains makes for an intoxicating combination, and Goddess Greed and Her Friends certainly have both in abundance. When dealt with individually, these strong confident women are certainly an intimidating prospect for any weak submissive, together they are an irresistible force delivering withering humiliation and taking precisely what they want for doing so.

This remarkable lively group is already taking over as I logged on within minutes of waking up this morning, and I suspect that my wallet will not be the only that will be significantly lighter having met and talked with Goddess Greed and her beautiful friends.


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